Environmental Responsibility

By using Dataproducts toner cartridges, you are taking care of the environment. Dataproducts toner cartridges are remanufactured using recycled components and recycled packaging materials whenever possible to be truly eco-friendly.
With Dataproducts you protect the environment by keeping hundreds of thousands of reusable non-biodegradable materials out of landfills each year.

How does a Dataproducts branded cartridge contribute to the environment?

  • A Dataproducts branded cartridge is remanufactured meaning that it was saved from landfill. Almost all of the used cartridges needed for remanufacturing are collected through our various innovative and customised recycling programs which are at the heart of our remanufacturing and sustainability efforts.
  • Any part of the original cartridge that cannot be used in the remanufacturing process is recycled or converted to energy. Nothing goes to landfill.
  • Dataproducts cartridges are transported with efficiencies that aim to minimise carbon footprint.
  • Dataproducts is packaged in sustainable packaging.

Recycling with Clover Environmental Solutions

Clover Environmental Solutions (CES) is a global leader in reverse logistics, providing recycling solutions to a broad customer base throughout the world. CES is focused on the collection, reuse, and recycling of items including printer cartridges, printer parts, mobile phones, and other small electronics. We collect millions of units annually which are remanufactured, remarketed or recycled through Clover Technologies Group and our network of strategic partners.

The innovative recycling solutions we bring to market are created and implemented with an understanding of the impact our company has on the environment.

CES offers many innovative programs to enable you to return cartridges and keep them out of landfills. Call your Dataproducts representative today or email to find out more about our cartridge collection programs.

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