It is not untrue to say the majority of end user print devices are not managed efficiently and the true cost of printing is predominantly unknown. Clover’s MPS program -AXESS MPS will, clearly and concisely, bring printing environments under control by providing you with the relevant business intelligence you need.

AXESS Managed Print Services offers you a comprehensive solution for the proactive management, maintenance and supply for your client’s printing environments. It provides you with the complete support package necessary to implement a successful managed print services program:

Remote Monitoring: Identify and control business costs

  • When the software is installed the network is monitored 24/7.
  • Alerts are set up to email you whenever a consumable reaches a preset ‘reorder’ level (e.g. 15% toner remaining)
  • You deliver supplies only when customers need them.
  • Customers no longer need to hold expensive stock of consumables and their true printing costs becomes visible.
  • Service and maintenance alerts can also be set up, to avoid printer downtimes.

Installed printer base assessment: help make decisions on equipment, what is required & where it should be located.

  • View exact toner consumable levels remotely,
  • Advise on printer location and usage,
  • Help customers save money by advising them how to print efficiently & cost effectively
  • And not by reducing your prices!
  • AXESS printer usage reports, build stronger relationships with your customers as costs become clearly visible

How does AXESS work?
A ‘Data Collection Agent’ (DCA) is installed on the user’s network. It scans the environment for print devices. (Local IT staff should be on hand for the installation.) When it identifies a print device it collects machine information. When the network has been scanned the data is encrypted and transmitted to the AXESS server.
AXESS cannot collect personal or user data with the DCA. Only printer metrics are collected: page counts, device description and device status. This gives us: number of pages printed, mono and colour, percentage of page used and also usage of non-toner consumables.
All information is displayed on the AXESS server, you are not looking remotely at the customer’s network. AXESS is not a ‘remote login’ tool.
With a 30 day AXESS assessment, the data collected will show all printers on the network and the page counts for each of them. Annual usage and costs can be calculated and a comparative offer can be made using Dataproducts aftermarket consumables.

AXESS SalesPro®
In the same way as Clover does not deliver a Dataproducts toner cartridge without fully supporting our customer after the sale, we also will not deliver the MPS program without ensuring you and your sales team fully understand the MPS program, the market and how to achieve maximum potential from MPS.

AXESS SalesPro® is the most comprehensive and interactive MPS sales training curriculum available and is delivered via a leading web-based training technology. Each module includes certification testing with automatic reporting to management. The detailed curriculum will empower your sales team to present the MPS value proposition and close more deals!

For more information on our AXESS MPS program, please contact us or email .

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